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North Kesteven Walking Festival Lincolnshire
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North Kesteven Walking Festival 2024 
15th June - 30th June
Celebrating 10 years!

2023 was a great year for North Kesteven's walkers with over 1400 people attending over 60 themed guided walks during a wonderful two weeks in June. 

Our walks can be found here on Eventbrite

15/06/2024 04:30pm Sunrise Walk North Hykeham 


15/06/2024 08:30am Spires and Steeples Lincoln to Sleaford SOLD OUT

15/06/2024 12:00am Active Travel Event Sleaford  (Not on Eventbrite) 


15/06/2024 21:00pm Sunset Walk North Hykeham 

16/06/2024 10:00am Fathers day at Hill Holt Wood Hill Holt Wood 


16/06/2024 10:30am Fathers Day at Whisby Whisby Nature Park 

09:00am (for breakfast) 

16/06/2024 14:00pm Iron Age and Roman Archaeology of Potter Hill      Hill Holt wood 

16/06/2024 14:00pm Metheringham Airfield Museum Walk Metheringham 

Please call Hill Holt Wood on 01636 892836 to book your place. Tickets are £5.50 to be paid on the day. 

16/06/2024 15:00pm Nature and Art Walk Sleaford 


17/06/2024 11:00am Historical Heathland Temple Bruer 


17/06/2024 14:00pm Walk and Talk, Guided Tour of Sleaford Castle Site Sleaford  

17/06/2024 18:00pm River Witham Evening Walk North Hykeham  


18/06/2024 18:45pm Navenby Sunset Walk Navenby 

19/06/2024 18:00pm NKDC Dog Walk Metheringham 

20/06/2024 18:30pm Boots and Beer Walk Tattershall Bridge 


20/06/2024 19:00pm Summer Solstice Castle Walk & Picnic Sleaford 


21/06/2024 09:30am Nature Walk Whisby 


21/06/2024 10:00am Navigating the Navigation Sleaford 


21/06/2024 10:30am Social Chat and Walk Sleaford 

21/06/2024 18:30pm Summer Solstice Tower Walk South Kyme 

22/06/2024 11:00am Railway Ramble Ancaster to Sleaford 

22/06/2024 13:30pm Herb Walk North Hykeham 

23/06/2024 10:00am In the Steps of Brett: Bassingham Bassingham


23/06/2024 10:30am Scopwick Circular Walk

23/06/2024 10:30am Riverside History walk Sleaford 

23/06/2024 16:00pm Norton Disney and Disney Norton Disney 

24/06/2024 10:00am Hykeham in Bloom Walk North Hykeham  

24/06/2024 18:00pm Tunman Wood Walk Thorpe on the Hill 

25/06/2024 09:30am Alpaca walk Billinghay/Walcott 

25/06/2024 18:00pm Nocton Lost Railway Nocton 

26/06/2024 18:00pm Sausage and Mash Walk South Hykeham to Aubourn 


27/06/2024 18:00pm NKDC Dog Walk Too Metheringham 


27/06/2024 18:00pm John’s Sleaford to Evedon Nature Walk Sleaford 


28/06/2024 10:00am Mrs Smith’s Cottage Walk Navenby 

Not on evenbrite. Turn up on the day. £4pp (includes a cuppa, a cake and a tour of the cottage after the walk) 

28/06/2024 10:30am Social Chat and Walk Sleaford 


28/06/2024 18:00pm Ruskington Water Table Walk Ruskington 


29/06/2024 10:00am Children’s Story Walk Sleaford 


29/06/2024 10:00am Herb Walk Harmston 

29/06/2024 12:00pm Pokemon Go Walk North Hykeham 


30/06/2024 10:00am River Slea Cleanup Walk Sleaford 


30/06/2024 18:00pm Millenium Green Walk North Hykeham 


30/06/2024 21:30pm Bat Walk Hill Holt Wood 


Keep up to date with our  social media page below:

Facebook: @nkwalkingfestival

Twitter: @NKWalkingFest

Feel free to visit our Stepping Out walks page to view and download various walking routes throughout the North Kesteven District, by clicking the logo below.


The North Kesteven Walking Festival is a celebration of the countless walking opportunities available within the district.  Hundreds of walkers tied their laces and joined in last year for over 200 miles of walking.  From short saunters to long hikes, all ages, abilities and fitness levels enjoyed the social walking experience only a festival can provide.  The festival demonstrates NKDC’s commitment to physical activity and is part of the Countryside NK partnership with Hill Holt Wood (a charity and social enterprise) who maintain over 130 miles of Stepping Out walks in the area and have been running the festival since 2018.

This year you can join us on walks which will be scattered across North Kesteven’s 356 square miles of picturesque villages, medieval churches and thriving landscapes.

The festival thrives on the enthusiasm and knowledge of volunteer walk leaders who make the walking festival possible – so thank you!


Important information

Everyone taking part in the Walking Festival does so at their own risk and it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they are fit and well to participate.  It is also recommended that appropriate clothing, footwear and weather protection is worn / applied.  If you are feeling unwell or have tested positive for Covid please do not come on the walk.  If you bring a dog (except on specified walks) they must be kept on a short lead and under firm control at all times.  The walk leader has the right to refuse participation if they feel a walker is not being respectful and or behaving inappropriately. 


To keep up to date with the latest news on the Walking Festival, details on how to book through Eventbrite and for any changes to the walk schedule follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  You can also visit or email  Or scan the QR code for more information.

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