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Burial/Reservation Costs

Reserve/buy a single grave plot - £1600

Reserve/buy a double grave plot (side by side)- £2800

Reserve/buy a single plot for the burial of ashes - £500

Reserve/buy a double plot for the burial of ashes - £950

Scattering of ashes £100

Wake Costs

Rental of the Wood Hall for a ceremony prior to interment - £195

(See Pricing for Buffet Menu below)

Administrative Costs


Grave preparation and administrative costs £390

Ashes casket grave preparation and administrative costs £195

Optional Extras


Purchase of wildflower seed - £10

To purchase a tree to be sited per the management plan - £90

Please note: Reservations are conditional until payment in full is received with completed Reservation Form. This must be prior to interment. These prices are current (Our Prices as of April 2024) but may increase over time due to inflation and market forces, however once a plot is paid for it is secured. All monies are invested into our Social Enterprise to ensure the care and maintenance of the woodland in perpetuity. Please see our General Terms and Conditions for specific information.

Wake Buffet Pricing

Download the PDF to see Buffet pricing packages for Wake services at Hill Holt Wood

Reservation Form

Download the PDF, then email the completed form to

Terms and Conditions

Download the PDF to see General Terms and Conditions

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