Hill Holt Health Testimonials

“I have been coming to Big wood since it started. When I first came I was very quiet and withdrawn but now you can’t stop me from talking. I feel much more confident. I have enjoyed meeting new people and learning new skills and I prefer being outdoors to indoors”

— Duncan, Age 30

“I like Big Wood because it gives me something to do in the day which is therapeutic and it gives me a role. I enjoy meeting people and getting to know people. I like it because it’s a relaxed atmosphere and there’s not much pressure. Also it Increases my stamina and expands my mind, I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia and when I am at the wood with people the voices quieten down. When I was younger I did a course in forestry and I like to make use of some of the skills I learnt”

— Kevin, Age 43

Hill Holt Wood

Come and see what's going on at your local woodland, we are open to the public every day (subject to Covid restrictions). Hill Holt Wood is located just off the south-bound A46 dual-carriageway between Lincoln and Newark.

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