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Natural Burial site lincolnshire

Natural Burials in Lincolnshire

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Hill Holt Wood &
Norton Big Wood Woodland Burial Site

Hill Holt Wood and Norton Big Wood are jewels in the Lincolnshire countryside that often go unnoticed by the hundreds of people that pass their gates every day. First time visitors often comment that they have always wondered what was down these lanes off the A46, and when they arrive they are always hugely impressed and often overwhelmed by the beauty of the buildings and the work that the small Ranger team do at the woods.

Hill Holt Wood is a Social Enterprise; it focuses on changing people’s lives within a sustainable, environmental setting. The organisation, quite simply, puts people first and works in a holistic way with the emphasis on positive change and social inclusion.

The people that work here really embrace the social enterprise vision, it is more than a job it is a way of life and the team embodies the spirit of a family.

Whatever strand of the business we are working at it is always done with a caring and conscientious attitude because the outcome always reflects on the integrity of the team as a whole. This has particular relevance when dealing with people who are preparing to say goodbye to loved ones.

From an environmental perspective the woods are well managed and host a wide variety of flora and fauna, the woodland management plan focuses on and encourages biodiversity with the ultimate aim of establishing a balance.

It is this balance that we see in nature that we work hard to encourage and nurture in our staff and young learners that we hope will allow them to grow and develop into positive and happy people.

I do hope that you also believe in this ethos as the experience that you will have at Hill Holt Wood and Norton Big Wood will be like no other; memorable, personal and shared with loved ones and friends.

This is what sets us apart, we focus our whole business on putting others first and have a genuine and caring attitude. For us as a Social Enterprise, it is not about the money it is about the person.

Burials at Norton Big Wood
Woodland Natural Burial Clearing

The Burial Area at Norton Big Wood

The area that is being used for burials is a small clearing surrounded by Birch, Larch and Pine and is dominated by beautiful mature Oak trees. These stand like sentinels watching over the glade and act to preserve its peace and tranquillity. You are able to select an area for burial from the choices provided by the burial team.

For those who have chosen a cremation we have an area where you are able to bury the casket of ashes, this is adjacent to the main burial area. There is also a charming area where we allow the scattering of ashes if this is something that you would like to do.

Wakes at Hill Holt Wood

Wakes at Hill Holt Wood

We are well placed at Hill Holt Wood to offer the option of a wake. We have a beautiful facility, with the Wood hall set in natural surroundings, and offer a first-class experience in food and service. This is conveniently situated just a five-minute drive from Norton Big Wood.

Our in-house catering team can draw on over 20 years of experience to ensure that your requirements are met exactly and unobtrusively. Whether it’s simple homemade sandwiches or a classic canapé buffet, both can be prepared and served by our in-house catering team. We also do an extensive range of vegetarian food and can cater for any specific dietary requirements. The glass-walled dining area offers pleasant views into the surrounding woodland which boasts an abundance of wildlife and is next to our organic garden, which provides seasonal produce for the kitchen.

Memorial Benches and Other Wooden Products

Memorial Benches and Other Wooden Products

Benches may be commissioned to commemorate the passing of a loved one. These will be sited at locations at the discretion of the management and will not be necessarily adjacent to the grave.

Bespoke bird and bat boxes may also be commissioned and again will sited in suitable areas decided upon by the management. Please note that while the products will be of a high quality and are built to last, they will deteriorate over time due to the weathering process. If the product needs repair or replacing then it will be at a cost to the original purchaser and not the Management of Norton Big Wood.

Wooden Benches from £500 - £750
Bird Boxes from £40
Owl Boxes from £100
Bat Boxes from £75
Picnic tables from £300
Wooden ashes caskets from £150

Please contact Oliver Woodman following the contact information below for all Memorial Benches and Other Natural Burial-related Wooden Products for more information and orders.

Bluebells at Big Wood Lincolnshire

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