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Woodland setting for alternative provision

School Referrals


Hill Holt Wood offers a unique opportunity for young people who may need alternative curriculum provision to support their current education setting. We work with a growing number of local schools and authorities to provide school referral programmes for all Key Stages. Our provision includes enrichment activities for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 with bespoke accredited courses available for Key Stage 4.

Young people log peeling

Our specially trained rangers can deliver sessions planned around most educational and support needs incorporating woodland activities, construction skills and craft sessions.

Placements are available on an individual 1:1 provision for both long and short-term interventions.

Hill Holt Woof Building

Prices start from £215 per day for 1-1 provision. There is also a one off fee of £120 for accreditation and certification.


Lunch and personal protective equipment are all available with an additional cost.

To book your place, please either follow the link below directing you to our enquiry form, or you can call / email the contact information provided:


Telephone: 01636 892 836

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