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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the natural burial plots located?
    Our natural burial plots are located at Norton Big Wood. For further information on how to get to Norton Big Wood, including a link to google maps, please visit the 'Visit HHW' page (under the 'About' drop-down menu).
  • What flowers am I allowed?
    No flower tributes will be allowed on the grave expect for the seven days following internments and these must only be bunches of natural flowers. Nothing thereafter will be permitted to be placed on the grave with exception of a native wildflower mixture (which is available to purchase) to sow onto the grave site. See our costing for more information.
  • How far is the car park from the burial ground?
    The vehicle access is approx. 350m from the burial site itself and guests will be asked to walk from the car park. Please be aware that the burial site is a natural environment and the ground can be uneven.
  • Can I plant a tree on the grave?
    Trees may be purchased through Hill Holt Wood but their location will have to be agreed and in line with Hill Holt Wood’s management plan. A tree planted on a grave may be possible but is not guaranteed.
  • Are there seats at the burial ground?
    No, there are no seats at the burial ground however guests are welcome to bring their own chairs if they feel this necessary.
  • Are there any restrictions I need to be aware of?
    We ask that all caskets/shrouds/coffins must be fully biodegradable e.g. cardboard, willow, bamboo or softwood etc.
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