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18th June - 3rd July 2022
More info coming soon! 

NKWF 2022

18th June - 3rd July

Current schedule of walks:

-Sat 18th Spires and Steeples 26miler 8am at Castle Square Lincoln

-Sat 18th Brauncewell with Russell 10am at Brauncewell Church
-Sat 18th Riverside Guided Mindfulness and Meditation (with Wellness Lincs) 10am at The Hub, Sleaford £5 each, £2 for accompanied children 
-Sat 18th Clue Hunt at Whisby 10:30am – onwards outside the main centre
-🏠 Sat 18th Playful Navenby Family History Walk (with Mrs Smith's Cottage) 1pm  
- Sun 19th Father's Day at Hill Holt Wood (all day) 
-🌿 Sun 19th Welbourn Herb Walk with the District Herbalist (£5) 9.30am  
Sun 19th Family Storytelling at Hill Holt Wood 11am THE GRUFFALO  
-🏠 Sun 19th Navenby Heritage Trail Launch Walk (with Mrs Smith's Cottage) 1pm 
-⚔️ Sun 19th Archaeology Walk (with Norton Disney History and Archaeology Group) 2pm 

- Mon 20th WELLBEING WALK North Hykeham 

- Mon 20th WELLBEING WALK Whisby

- Mon 20th Buggy Walk at Millennium Green  9:15am at One NK

- Tues 21st WELLBEING WALK Walcott 

- Tues 21st WELLBEING WALK North Hykeham

- Tues 21st WELLBEING WALK Heckington

-Tues 21st WELLBEING WALK Leasingham

- Tues 21st WELLBEING WALK Sleaford

- Tues 21st Tattershall Bridge Summer Solstice and Ploughmans (pre-booking essential) £8.50pp 5.30pm 
- Tues 21st Millennium Green Summer Solstice Sunset 9.30pm 

- Weds 22nd WELLBEING WALK Ruskington

- Weds 22nd South Kyme Sausage and Mash at the Hume 6pm

- Weds 22nd Sunset walk with Ray at Navenby 6:30pm 

- Thur 23rd WELLBEING WALK Waddington

- Thur 23rd WELLBEING WALK Skellingthorpe

- Thur 23rd WELLBEING WALK Sleaford
- Thur 23rd International Bomber Command Wellbeing Walk with Andy 10.15am 

- Fri 24th WELLBEING WALK Metheringham

- Fri 24th WELLBEING WALK Navenby

-Fri 24th Temple Bruer with Ray  10:30am

- Fri 24th WELLBEING WALK Whisby

- Fri 24th Bassingham and Villages Walk with Gina 6pm

- Fri 24th Bat Walk at Big Wood 10pm at Big Wood, Wood lane
🏠🌿 Sat 25th Summer Forage with Mrs Smith's Cottage (at Hill Holt Wood) 10am  
-Sat 25th Whisby Clue Hunt 10:30am – onwards 

- Sat 25th In Search of Queen Eleanor History Walk 1pm at Skellingthorpe Community Centre
-Sun 26th Riverside Litter pick, The Hub, Sleaford (with Co-op Rivercare) 10am at The Hub
- 🐶Sun 26th Dog Agility Walkies (with VIPPIES) at Skellingthorpe 10:30am 

- Mon 27th WELLBEING WALK North Hykeham
- Mon 27th WELLBEING WALK Whisby

- Mon 27th Heckington and Brewery  12pm 
-Tue 28th Billinghay & Walcot with Gina 9am at St. Oswald's Church

- Tue 28th WELLBEING WALK North Hykeham Memorial Hall

- Tue 28th WELLBEING WALK Heckington

- Tue 28th WELLBEING WALK Leasingham

- Tue 28th WELLBEING WALK Sleaford
- 🏠Tue 28th Navenby Heritage Trail Evening Walk (With Mrs Smith's Cottage) 6pm 

- Wed 29th WELLBEING WALK Ruskington
-🪓 Wed 29th Skellingthorpe Old Wood Management 1pm 

- Wed 29th Martin Village and  Beyond with Gina 9.30am at Village Hall
- Thu 30th Silk Willoughby and Sleaford with Gina
 10am at Horseshoes pub

- Thu 30th WELLBEING WALK Branston

- Thu 30th WELLBEING WALK Waddington

- Thu 30th WELLBEING WALK Skellingthorpe

- Thu 30th WELLBEING WALK Sleaford


- Fri 1st WELLBEING WALK Metheringham

- Fri 1st WELLBEING WALK Navenby

- Fri 1st WELLBEING WALK Whisby
- Fri 1st South Hykeham to Aubourn Circular with Gina 5pm
- Fri 1st RAF Cranwell North with Ray 10:30am at Car Park behind main guard room

- Fri 1st Bat Walk at Hill Holt Wood with Moth Trap 10pm

- Sat 2nd Moth trap reveal 6am at Hill Holt Wood

- Sat 2nd Butterfly Walk with Ben at Hill Holt Wood 10am

- Sat 2nd Wildflowers at Lollycocks at 1pm meet at Cogglesford Mill
- 🏛Sun 3rd Wellingore Temple Bruer with David 10am at Village Hall car park  
- Sun 3rd Sleaford Riverside History Walk with Simon 11am at Navigation House 
- Sun 3rd Family Story Walk at Millennium Green 11am 
-🌿 Sun 3rd Heighington Herb Walk with the District Herbalist 2pm 
- Sun 3rd Pie and Sunset Finale at Whisby Natural World Centre 7pm 
TBC 🔜Bat Walks at Hill Holt Wood and Big Wood 
TBC 🔜 Stepping Out Walks across NK


Keep up to date with our  social media pages below:

Facebook: @nkwalkingfestival

Twitter: @NKWalking 


Feel free to visit our Stepping Out walks page to view and download various walking routes throughout the North Kesteven District, by clicking the logo below.



The North Kesteven Walking Festival is a celebration of the countless walking opportunities available within the district. Hundreds of walkers tied their laces and joined in last year for almost 200 miles of walking. From short saunters to long hikes; all ages, abilities and fitness levels enjoyed the social walking experience only a festival can provide. The launch event at Hill Holt Wood saw visitors enjoying a day under the leafy canopy as the sun shone brightly. Heavy rains barged aside the sun and threatened to dampen spirits in the final week however, but the tough festival walkers took the rain in their stride and finished the fortnight with a final rendezvous at The Natural World Centre at Whisby Nature Park for a treasure hunt.

The festival thrives on the enthusiasm and knowledge of volunteer walk leaders. This year Hill Holt Wood are looking to add to their walk leader roster so if you’ve got a walk that you’d like to share in the district, or are already a walk leader and want to get involved to boost your walk numbers please get in. Every walk will be supported by a first-aid trained Ranger to ensure the walk goes smoothly, so you can concentrate on helping the walkers enjoy themselves.

The festival demonstrates North Kesteven District Council’s commitment to physical activity and is part of the Countryside NK partnership with Hill Holt Wood (a charity and social enterprise) who maintain over 130 miles of Stepping Out Walks in the area and have been running the festival since 2018. They are committed to sustainability and making this year the greenest so far. There will be a walks brochure created for the event detailing the walks (which run everyday for two weeks) and space for advertising to help cover the cost of publishing. As they are confirmed, all walks will have events created on social media and be announced here at the official page.

Walks will be scattered across North Kesteven’s 356 square miles of picturesque villages, medieval churches and thriving landscapes. With 94% of the district classified as green space you will explore rural towns full of history, arable land rich in wildlife and see why the area is favoured by many for exploration and outdoor adventures. A great place to walk together.

To enquire about volunteering, walk leading, advertising or about Hill Holt Wood and the festival please call 01636 892836 or email gavin.warhurst@hillholtwood.co.uk

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