What is Hill Holt Health?

What is Hill Holt Health?     

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Our Woodland Wellness Health Programme is a nature-based therapeutic service, based on the Ecotherapy or Green Care model of wellbeing. By getting outside and working on woodland management, conservation and coppice craft activities in our beautiful 43-acre ancient woodland, our Verderers find their emotional, cognitive and physical health improves.


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Our participants (Verderers) come to us with a range of Mental Health, Neurological and Learning Disability support needs. Some just feel low and want time out following redundancy or a bereavement. Sessions are planned around individual need and use woodland management to help you develop resilience and self-confidence so that you can better manage your mental health


You will learn how to manage the seasonal needs of the woodland and make the most of its20170320_114955 resources. One day you may be mowing, coppicing and clearing invasive species using basic hand tools. Another you may be chopping fire wood with a hand axe; making a knife at our on-site forge or making and carving a stool using carpentry techniques and a pole lathe.