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Team Up To Green Up


Hill Holt Wood and the local community came together to start our management of Lincoln’s biggest woodland: Hospital Plantation. A relatively new woodland that now stands guard over the old RAF Skellingthorpe site, a WWII airbase that once saw mighty war machines take to the skies on missions of destruction. With our help we aim to make visitor numbers soar and encourage birds to take to the skies over this unique green space on the fringes of a large housing estate. Being so close to the urban sprawl has brought fly-tipping and vast amounts of litter, along with other criminal activities. Our Ranger team have already widened the rides and begun to extract timber from thinning operations and felling to make the area safe. On a chilly winter’s morning we arrived early to set up a hot drink station and organised the gear, soon our keen Growing Up Green team arrived and we embarked upon a competition to collect as much litter as possible. In all we pulled out almost a hundred kilos of litter and a myriad of awful flytips were discovered and marked up for the council to take away. To make the day more interesting we gave out awards to the groups that pulled out the most litter, hand crafted wooden trophies of spalted beech.

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