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Our Bright Parliament

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Tuesday 5th March was the day Our Bright Future went to the seat of power and brought our message for the future to the men and women of the elected government. 

From left to right: Harry Waudby (Design Team Intern), Sophie Bell (Study Program and Youth Council member), Karen Lee (Lincoln MP) and Olivia Harrison (Design Team Intern)

Our Bright Future Policy and Campaigns Manager Roberta Antonaci summed it up perfectly;

“It was a great day and it was inspiring to see so many young people fired up and determined to have their voices heard. Young people from 29 out of 31 Our Bright Future projects attended and they were all absolutely brilliant! The two young speakers, Amelia Fawcett and Dara McAnulty, were incredible. They spoke so articulately about their experience with the programme and their views on how young people should be at the forefront of the political agenda. Their honest speeches went straight to the heart of all attendees.”

We counted 40 MPs and dished out 100 goody bags (containing a mix of items from the projects including wooden coasters made from our sustainably sourced Ash). It was a long day for (Study Program and Youth Council member) Sophie, Liv and Harry (from our Design Team) but each of them were enthusiastic about the event and it’s outcomes. 

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