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Hill Holt Wood’s statement on the proposed meat rendering plant by Lincoln Proteins Ltd, Folly Lane, Norton Disney, Lincoln


Hill Holt Wood are opposing the above-mentioned proposal as we feel that this is an industrial development within a rural setting. While recognising that this sort of facility needs to be sited somewhere it is our view that it should be located in an already industrialised setting. We feel that the site has the potential to be detrimental to the surrounding environs in a number of ways.



It will be situated in the Witham Valley Country Park which is made up of a number of high quality green spaces in the heart of Lincolnshire. The Country Park is a great place to unwind in beautiful, unspoilt countryside, rich in wildlife and history. The park area contains Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Nature Reserves and Local Wildlife Sites, which contain species of flora and fauna that are rare to Lincolnshire. The area is rich in biodiversity and provides habitats that support a diverse plant, bird and insect population, perfect for birdwatching activities.

The woodlands within a mile radius of the proposed site have been extensively monitored and researched for bat species and it has been proven that all 11 species, that you would reasonably expect to find in the East Midlands, are present. The sites have potential for SSSI status. Bats are what are called ‘indicator species’ that means that they demonstrate the ‘health’ of the natural environment as their presence, in variety and numbers, means that invertebrate life, the building blocks of all life, is thriving.

Indeed, within this area are 5 local wildlife sites and 3 sites of Nature Conservation Interest, therefore the area is not only farmland with its associated hedgerow and wildlife but also has significant importance in species biodiversity. The proposed development is in diametric opposition to this ecological gem and will cast an unacceptable industrial shadow over this largely unspoiled natural environment.



Despite the proposed site being described as ‘State of the Art’ it will spoil the aesthetics of the area. The site will be 5 acres made up of buildings, car parks for 150 staff and lorry parks for 40 tonne vehicles. It is suggested that up to 75 lorries in every 24-hour period will enter and exit the facility using a country lane.

This has the potential to adversely affect visual amenity, create noise and the incoming lorries will, as the owner of Lincoln Proteins himself has said, have some odour associated with them



While every effort will be made to ensure that the site is compliant with legislation it is a fact of life that accidents can and do occur. The site is linked to all the surrounding farmland and woodland by a series of ancient ditches; so, in the event, however unlikely, of a spillage these areas have the potential to be polluted and contaminated.



Within several hundred metres of the proposed site are quite a number of private dwellings and also a nationally and internationally recognised Social Enterprise, Hill Holt Wood. This project employs 40 local people and has had a significant impact on the local communities effecting positive change in both people and environment.

A plant such as the one proposed, has the potential to detrimentally affect this business as well as the lives and properties of the others within the immediate area.

Hill Holt Wood find the whole proposal unacceptable and feels strongly that the plant belongs in an already developed industrial area; it will also take every possible step to oppose the plans and stand with the local community in their views that the developments will be significant, potentially detrimental and long lasting.

Hill Holt Wood

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