Our Hill Holt Health provision is now OPEN, provided all government guidelines are adhered to including social distancing at all times. Placements have been limited to adhere to health and safety restrictions; please contact us for more information. Please follow the link below for more information on COVID-19 and how to protect yourselves and others

Hill Holt Health

Hill Holt Health Wellbeing Posters

What is Hill Holt Health?

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Hill Holt Wood is managing green spaces for community wellbeing


The Hill Holt Health Programme is a nature-based therapeutic service, based on the Ecotherapy or Green Care model of wellbeing. By getting outside and working on woodland management, conservation and coppice craft activities in our beautiful 43-acre ancient woodland, our participants find their emotional, cognitive and physical health improves.

Our participants come to us with a range of mental and physical health, neurological and learning disability support needs. Some just feel low and want time out following redundancy or a bereavement. Sessions are planned around individual need and use woodland management to help you develop resilience and self-confidence so that you can better manage your mental health. We will work with you and your health care practitioner, if you have one, so that you can achieve your goals.

Our nature-based intervention schemes are designed to help the individual live happier and healthier through improving green spaces for the wider community and creating products from resources created by the woodland. This work is meaningful and develops a variety of life skills in our participants:

  • Cognitive skills such as problem solving and decision making

  • Builds physical and mental resilience and fitness through physical activities in a natural, outdoor space

  • Social interaction, team work and confidence

  • Improves feelings of wellbeing through reduction in stress and developing managing strategies

  • Improves self-esteem through regular feedback on developing craft or work-tolerance skills

You will learn how to manage the seasonal needs of the woodland and make the most of its resources. Sessions are planned to be tailored to individual needs and interests.

Session Details

Sessions are £50 per day (10am-3pm), which can be paid privately or by personal budgets through health or social care funding. You can do up to four days per week at our Norton Disney Bigwood site, which you can refer yourself to or get a referral from your healthcare team. To see if this programme is suitable you can have two free taster days.

Hill Holt Health also offers individual placements.


Woodland Management

Coppicing, ride and path maintenance, clearing of invasive species.

Outdoor Cooking

Cooking outdoors using our freshly grown produce from our polytunnel and vegetable beds

Traditional Crafts

Tool making in our on-site forge, green wood working using pole lathes and traditional carpentry techniques, woodland art using natural products

What's On

A-Maze In Nature
Now - 25th February 2021

Mondays & Thursdays : 11am - 2pm


Hill Holt Health are proud to announce the grand opening of the 'A-Maze In Nature' project. Running from March - 25th February 2021, situated in our ancient woodland site at Norton Big Wood, we are constructing a Labyrinth incorporating Woodland Furniture and a wealth of flora and fauna into the design. See our poster (right) for more info.

Get Involved:

If you would like to learn more about the project or you're looking to participate, please get in touch by emailing or alternatively call us on 01636 892 836. Whether it's just for 1 day or weeks, we would love to have you involved! You can also follow our blog for regular updates by clicking the link below.

A-Maze In Nature Poster - Mondays and Th

Click here to Apply Today

Coppice Crafts Poster.jpg

Coppice Crafts

Starting 19th April 2021

2nd & 4th Monday Every Month : 11am - 2pm


Learn green wood working skills and find peace in the natural world. If you're a male aged between 25 and 59, looking to break away from the pressures of daily life, join our coppice crafts programme. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new like-minded people and upskill along the way. In order to make this course accessible for all, transport is available from the Lincoln area.

Get Involved:

If you would like to learn more about the project or you're looking to participate, please get in touch by emailing or alternatively call us on 01636 892 836. Whether it's just for 1 day or several weeks, we would love to have you involved!

Follow the link below to see some of our highlights from past / ongoing projects.