We Came Together

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26th January 2017- Fruitful Communities YMCA Norwich

“Fruitful Exchange”

We met young people from the YMCA who were living in temporary accommodation, trying to their lives back together. They had worked as part of the Fruitful Communities project (part of Our Bright Future) to completely revamp a patch of urban wasteland in front of their building, Now the area is planted with a mix of fruit tress and herbs and will be cared for by the residents themselves.


23th June – 24th June 2016 – Falkland  Estate (Scotland)

“New Heights of Understanding”

A look around the estate, a climb up a hill, a walk to a waterfall, a look at a massive bull, night in a tent, three planets in the night sky, a morning seeing a new workshop being constructed and a lovely time had by all.


6th – 7th July 2016 – Down To Earth (Wales)

“Exchange Ideas”

Journal coming soon


1st September 2016 – Youth In Nature (Hull)

“To Explore”

Humber Bridge, watched a seal rescuer in action, visit to Spurn Point, met a passionate young group of environmentalists, a quiz, a long walk, sandwiches on the sand, two completely different ecosystems in close proximity, paddle in the waves and rock hopping.



12th – 13th October 2016

‘New Perspectives”

Shropshire visit details coming soon.


27th October 2016 – Youth In Nature (Hull) joint visit

‘Share Our Love for Nature”

Joint simultaneous visit to Hill Holt Wood, return visit from 1st September, tour of the wood, shelter building, bushcraft, hearty lunch, team building games and visit to Big Wood.

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