Junior Ranger Service and Project Lumen

Junior Ranger Service and Project Lumen

Very soon we’ll be launching into the Junior Ranger Service at South Witham Marsh.

Our intention is to have two small groups from St. Christopher’s School (Lincoln) helping out with the management of the site. This will include managing the meadow area, clearing a path through the woodland and many other tasks to protect and enhance the natural beauty of the site. However our first task will be to rake in the meadow cuttings to prevent the soil PH changing. 

Hill Holt Wood is proud to be associated with the Lumen Project. The Education Business Partnership (the-ebp.co.uk) launched the project to “help 2,700 young people in Lincolnshire to interact with representatives from businesses, raising awareness and stimulating interest in the range of careers open to them.”


Project Lumen

Hill Holt Wood set a challenge and six schools from across Lincolnshire have taken up the gauntlet. The task is create a business plan for our soft wood offcuts, including; product or service ideas, costing and processing and full marketing plan. We’re expecting that the responses will be so good that we’ll adopt them and add them to our actually business model! They’ll help us generate more revenue to re-invest in our woodland.



Junior Ranger Service and Project Lumen

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