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90% of people feel an increase in self-esteem after a walk in an outdoor green environment.


94% of people comment that green exercise improves their mental health.


88% of people feel an improvement in their mood after a walk in an outdoor green environment.


90% of people comment that taking part in green exercise activities benefits their physical health.


For example, “D” had problems communicating with people when he joined the project and really struggled to take part in regular activities. His involvement in the wood has seen a gradual improvement in his confidence and he is now a fully functioning and communicative member of the team.


“M” is an ex-Future Jobs Fund employee with anger-management issues who is benefitting tremendously from the opportunity to work in a different environment away from the stresses and pressures of a more-typical workplace.


“J” really values his time in Norton Big Wood as it provides a period of calm for him from his home life. “J” has to provide care for his parents – both of whom suffer from MS. This is extremely demanding for the young man and the opportunity to find work in a calm, tranquil woodland has been of great benefit to him.

“ A Great Place to Work, Rest and Play”


Staff and Service Users from the Francis Willis Unit have visited Big Wood several times in the past 18 months. Not only is it a lovely place to sit, unwind, relax and take in the atmosphere but also place to develop ones skills and knowledge. We love to come down take a stroll and find a nice spot to do painting and drawing as well as take photographs of the flora and fauna. Big Wood is a very inspiring place and full of natural beauty. Staff and volunteers make us feel very welcome and safe.


With the help of ranger Ian Beeson, one of our Service Users started volunteering at Big Wood only a few weeks ago. He is really enjoying the work. Indeed there is a real sense of pride and satisfaction from him when he talks about the work he has done and what he and others have achieved. It has given him a purpose in life, structure to his daily routine and the chance to socialise and work as part of a team. He has certainly grown in confidence. It is certainly playing a vital role in his rehabilitation and a stepping stone towards living independently.


Many thanks to all concerned 


Jayne Negus, Occupational Therapist

Francis Willis Unit, Lincoln

October 2012

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