“The environment has given me life and helped me to grow with others”

“There is a non-judgemental atmosphere generated by genuine empathy and support. I suffer from clinical depression and I find Big Wood is emotionally calming and enables me to focus my thoughts in a positive direction. I have been an Engineer for forty years and I enjoy using my skills to make things at home and in the wood for the project” - John, Age 58


“I suffer from schizophrenia and it helps me going to Big Wood because I’ve met new people with similar problems to myself and they are all friendly, I’ve learnt new skills and objectives and its relaxing summer and winter”Sean, Age 26


“I like Big Wood because it gives me something to do in the day which is therapeutic and it gives me a role. I enjoy meeting people and getting to know people. I like it because it’s a relaxed atmosphere and there’s not much pressure. Also it Increases my stamina and expands my mind, I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia and when I am at the wood with people the voices quieten down. When I was younger I did a course in forestry and I like to make use of some of the skills I learnt” - Kevin, Age 43


“I like the smell of the wood, working in the wood helps me keep fit, I meet a variety of people and expand my social bubble, I am learning woodland skills, and there is not too much pressure. It helps me face up to my fears. I learn self-discipline and control and respect for people with different natures. I have a BSC in Applied chemistry and have an active mind, I enjoy discussing and debating with other people at the wood. I have generalised anxiety disorder, Asperger’s and schizoid affective disorder” - Tim, Age 53


“I like Big Wood because it gets me out and keeps me occupied. I enjoy making new friends and learning new skills. I keep fit at big wood and have become much healthier. It’s really built my confidence, I lived rough for about 12 years and now I am studying for employment in care work with elderly people” - Konrad, Age 31


“I suffer from Anti-social personality disorder and my condition is helped by me mixing, socialising and interacting with others. I am enjoying learning new skills which is on-going and I enjoy contributing to the wood by making things. I enjoy doing creative activities which I find therapeutic” - Lea, Age 30


“I have been coming to Big wood since it started. When I first came I was very quiet and withdrawn but now you can’t stop me from talking. I feel much more confident. I have enjoyed meeting new people and learning new skills and I prefer being outdoors to indoors” - Duncan, Age 23 


“I suffer from post -traumatic stress disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. I have never worked because of my illness. I like to go to big wood to get out of the family home and the normal day to day routine and big wood is tailored to my needs and other people like myself. There is not too much pressure and it’s a relaxed and friendly atmosphere which is nice to work in. I like to give my son an example that although I don’t work I can still contribute towards society” - Darren, Age 34

Testimonials » Hill Holt Wood Column Image
Testimonials » Hill Holt Wood Column Image