Watch NK

Hill Holt Wood work in partnership with North Kesteven District Council and One Life to provide the Watch NK Countryside Ranger Service in North Kesteven.


Watch NK Rangers:

  • Undertake grass cutting and maintenance of the Stepping Out Walks network (a series of maintained pathways throughout the district which open up the countryside to the public)
  • Manage specialist nature sites
  • Manage NK’s conservation volunteers programme
  • Report suspicious activity to the Police
  • Report fly tipping
  • Report abandoned vehicles
  • Issue fixed penalty tickets for litter and dog fouling
  • Undertake both pro-active and re-active litter picking


The Watch NK team can be contacted on 0800 174499 for enquiries and to report any of the above issues.



Hill Holt Wood rangers can be seen on Countryside Ranger duty seven days a week and are accompanied by learners on the Hill Holt Wood Study programme from Monday to Friday. Watch NK benefits all parties; the local community (see above), the SP learners (gain real world job experience and learn to respect their local environment) and NKDC (who receive a high quality, low cost service).


Next time you are in the area look out for the Watch NK logo!

Watch NK » Hill Holt Wood Column Image