Our experienced forestry team manage woodlands, parks, private gardens and public spaces.

Our Forestry Services team manages over 1000 acres of woodland and was recently awarded the prestigious Award For Excellence by the Royal Forestry Society. We pride ourselves on managing woodlands and other habitats in a sustainable and conscientious manner. Our low-impact extraction uses a small tractor that can pick its way through compact spaces where larger commercial vehicles would be unable to access, requiring clear felling and access roads to be engineered. Wood that we extract will be used either in on our in-house designed award winning Eco-buildings, used onsite or sold as fire wood.



Due to our extremely competitive prices, demand on our firewood delivery service is very high. As a result, all of our logs are sold unseasoned for the customer to store for the following winter. We recommend having 2 log stores with 1 in use with dried logs, the 2nd one filled with our unseasoned logs ready for the following year.

As we do not have to store the timber to season, we are able to provide the logs at an excellent price. Our transit tipper load of logs fills approximately 2.5 builders bags at £120 for hardwood. (Free delivery within 10 miles radius of Hill Holt Wood). £80 for softwood. This compares very well with local builders merchants who provide 1 builders bag of dried logs for around £90.

In addition we can now offer smaller sized bags of certified firewood from Skellingthorpe Old Wood at just £5 per bag, hand split onsite. Also available are bags of recycled saw-dust blocks, perfect for adding a bit more heat to your fire. Both available now from the Hive Café.

Building for the future

We have a small team of “Growing Up Green” forestry apprentices who gain first hand, hands-on experience as an integrated part of our processes, ensuring that a new generation of young foresters gain the right skills and knowledge to continue developing woodlands sustainably into the future. We believe in equipping the next generation with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to be able to tackle the environmental issues that they are inheriting. Our Growing Up Green project is funded throughout the “Our Bright Future” national movement.


Even though we specialise in smaller woodlands our small scale means that we can respond quickly to your developing needs and work with one-off jobs which larger outfits may deem unprofitable. Any profit made by our forestry operations is reinvested in the Hill Holt Wood Social Enterprise meaning that you can be sure that every penny is being used to help protect our environment.

Please call us for a quote: 01636 892836


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