Hill Holt In The Community (HHITC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hill Holt Wood

Hill Holt In The Community is the trading arm of our social enterprise; delivering all our countryside contracting work, community activities and construction projects.

Garden Services

As part of our services to the local community we work throughout the spring and summer months to renovate and maintain gardens and green spaces in the North Kesteven area. Our rangers take eager Study Programme learners along with them to teach them the necessary skills to leave a garden in pristine condition. If you are unable to look after your garden or green space and live in a council property in the North Kesteven district please call NKDC housing services for more information.

Construction Projects

We design or build (or both) bespoke eco-buildings using our sustainably sourced timber were possible. Our talented Design Team are able to create your building, large or small, and manage the project through to completion. Our Design team attracts the very best young architects from across the country, keen to spend a year out with us gaining valuable knowledge of eco-building gained from almost twenty years of working with timber, straw bale and rammed earth. Our design team have their own website at www.designhhw.com

Other Works and Services

Hill Holt Wood’s flexible business model means that we can consider most works and maintenance services. For example we are currently managing the “Jungle” at Branston, a fantastic community green space just off Juniper Close.


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