Hill Holt In The Community (HHITC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hill Holt Wood

The trading arm of the social enterprise delivering all our countryside contracting work and construction projects.




Due to our extremely competitive prices, demand on our firewood delivery service is very high. As a result, all of our logs are sold unseasoned for the customer to store for the following winter. We recommend having 2 log stores with 1 in use with dried logs, the 2nd one filled with our unseasoned logs ready for the following year.

As we do not have to store the timber to season, we are able to provide the logs at an excellent price. Our transit tipper load of logs fills approximately 2.5 builders bags at £120 for hardwood. (Free delivery within 10 miles radius of Hill Holt Wood). £80 for softwood. This compares very well with local builders merchants who provide 1 builders bag of dried logs for around £90.


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