Conservation Days

Come and join us on our Conservation Days! Gain valuable skills by taking part in conservation whilst giving back to your local woodland and community. Our unique sessions are led by one of our expert friendly Rangers, with FREE tea or coffee available from our cafe. Each Conservation Day has been put together to be accessible for newcomers and will include lots of time for more experienced conservationists to really pick our brains on the finer points. We recommend you wear robust outdoor clothing appropriate to the weather, and assume you will get dirty. Every Sunday we open up the Wood Hall for the Hive Café, serving a range of hot and cold food and drink. You might even have worked up enough of an appetite to tackle the Forrester’s Stack.

Conservation day



Sunday 26/2/17 – Coppicing – A traditional woodland management technique that boosts productivity and biodiversity. Tools provided. We’re sure that it’ll be a crisp and bright day as the sun dapples through the trees.


Sunday 21/5/17 – Dead Hedging – A wonderful way to use brash and unwanted wood to create not only a picturesque barrier but a wonderful habitat. Dead Hedging takes skill to do properly and you’ll learn everything you need to know. The wood will look wonderful as it begins to transform into it’s summer glory. Tools are provided.


Sunday 27/8/17 – Habitat Creation – Creating new habitats in the right places can significantly support bird populations as well as small mammals and their predators. This day will show you what to do, where to do it and the benefits to your garden. We’re sure it will be a gloriously sunny day in the wood. Tools are provided.


Sunday 26/11/17 – Tree Planting – Giving life to all and filtering our air; trees are crucial to our existence. We’ll give you everything you need to know about siting, planting and looking after your tree to ensure you enjoy it for many years to come. At this time of year Autumn is giving way slowly to winter, which means a carpet of leaves will make a display of deep red and rich earthy brown all around.



Please note that children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult, and appropriate clothing/footwear will be required. Please bring a packed lunch with you unless you are planning to buy lunch in The Hive Cafe.

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