Woodland Burials at Norton Bigwood

Hill Holt Wood and Norton Big Wood are jewels in the Lincolnshire countryside, that often go unnoticed by the hundreds of people that pass their gates everyday. Visitors are hugely impressed by the beauty of the sustainably built buildings and the verdant diverse woodlands.

The people that work here embrace the social enterprise vision. It is more than a job, it is a way of life; and the team embodies the spirit of a family.


From an environmental perspective, the woods are well-managed and host a wide variety of flora and fauna; a haven for local wildlife.

The area that is used for the Natural Burials is in a small clearing surrounded by Birch, Ash and Pine and is dominated by beautiful, mature Oak trees. Standing like proud sentinels watching over the glade they act to preserve its peace and tranquillity. You are able to select the perfect area for burial from the choices provided by the burial team. For those who have chosen a cremation we have an area where you are able to bury the casket of ashes adjacent to the main burial area. There is also a charming clearing where we allow the scattering of ashes if this is your preference.


Please note that the burial area is at Norton Disney Big Wood on Wood lane, between Norton Disney and Witham St Hughs.
Post code: LN6 9QQ.
It is NOT at Hill Holt Wood itself, this is where the main office is.



Our prices as of 2019:


To buy or reserve a single grave plot £1100

To buy a plot for the burial of ashes £300

Grave preparation and administrative costs £275

Ashes casket grave preparation and administrative costs £125

Rental of the Wood Hall for a ceremony prior to interment £195


For more information Contact Oliver Woodman on 01636 892836


Click here for a map to Big Wood


Natural Burials - Hill Holt Wood Column Image
Natural Burials - Hill Holt Wood Column Image