A Range Of Things To Do

A Range Of Things To Do

We’re well into our Junior Ranger Service with St.Francis School and Ranger Tom has been impressed with their excellent work rate and fantastic attitude. We’ve also completed the meadow cut at South Witham Marsh, now onto the not so small task of raking it in!

We’re also hosting a steering group meeting this week where we’ll be ensuring we’re on the right track and discussing our progress so far.


Enable young people to gain new skills


One of our stated goals during the Growing Up Green project is to enable young people to gain new skills. By learning and using skills our next generation will be better equipped to lead the environmental changes our country, and indeed the world, needs to make in order to combat the climate change which threatens our future. Selecting the skills our young people might need is not an easy task as Ranger Gavin points out:

“We have already held training workshops for first-aid, strimmers, fire safety, all of which have been certificated, but we’ve also shown them how to do so many more little skills. By little skills I mean things like how and when to use a bow saw, what Ash Dieback looks like, checking the weather and so on. We’ll keep on doing certificated training workshops but the everyday little skills are just as important as the big certificated ones that show up on CVs. Sometimes youngsters struggle, shyness and lack of confidence holds them back and they are unable or unwilling to engage in training.”


At the end of the five-year project Growing Up Green will have helped almost 800 youngsters, enabling them with new found confidence and experience to go on and learn new skills.

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A Range Of Things To Do

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